Personal Growth and Development

Nothing Just Happens


Life doesn’t just happen, life responds to you! This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs as a seminar or small group session or keynote address.  It is designed to teach the listening audience how to exercise shift their paradigm to no longer become victims of circumstances, but dictators of the role that unexpected circumstances will play in advancing and progressing their life.











Define, Develop and Deliver Your Best Life

For years I wondered what my purpose in life was.  I was looking for that one thing that I was put on earth to do, but I became so overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start looking.  I was good at a lot of things, but I was disconnected from the passion required to sustain them.  I had a wonderful career, but I felt that there was more to it than clocking in each morning.  There was something missing.  Through trial and error, and many years of observation and self reflection I was finally able to develop a method by which I could define my purpose, develop the skills necessary to duplicate the results and deliver the best of me to all who I was fortunate enough to connect with.  This presentation can be tailored to your event needs for seminar and small groups, or as a keynote address to help your audience define, develop and deliver their best life.


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