My Most Requested Topics


Most of us are doing our very best to navigate through the complexities of life.  There is no one size fits all approach to successfully balancing and living life.  Therefore, my speaking topics are customized to meet the needs of every audience with a message that gets to the heart of where they are, to help them discover amazing opportunities to get where they want to be.

My most requested topics are available as keynote addresses, breakout sessions, private workshops, public seminars, women’s retreats and conferences, youth and young adult conferences.

1. Spiritual Growth and Development

2. Personal Growth and Development

3. Divorce Recovery

4.  Emotional Empowerment

Spiritual Growth and Development

Developing A Powerful Prayer Life

Can you hear me now?  What about now?  God, if you’re really there, I’m pleading for you to hear me and give me answers1  Does this sound familiar?  It’s the desperation pleas when we have reached our breaking point, we feel alone, confused, overwhelmed, broken, empty or trapped.  All we want is for God to hear us, and get us out!  This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs as a seminar or small group session or keynote address.  It offers practical tools, based on biblical principles, to help us develop a powerful prayer life that gets through to God.

Personal Growth and Development

Nothing Just Happens

Life doesn’t just happen, life responds to you! This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs as a seminar or small group session or keynote address.  It is designed to teach the listening audience how to shift their paradigm to no longer become victims of circumstances, but dictators of the role that unexpected circumstances will play in advancing and progressing their life.

Define, Develop and Deliver Your Best Life

For years I wondered what my purpose in life was.  I was looking for that one thing that I was put on earth to do, but I became so overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start looking.  I was good at a lot of things, but I was disconnected from the passion required to sustain them.  I had a wonderful career, but I felt that there was more to it than clocking in each morning.  There was something missing.  Through trial and error, and many years of observation and self reflection I was able to develop a method by which I could define my purpose, develop the skills necessary to duplicate the results and deliver the best of me to all who I was fortunate enough to connect with.  This presentation can be tailored to your event needs for seminar and small groups, or as a keynote address to help your audience define, develop and deliver their best life.

Divorce Recovery

Happily Ever After…Again

You vowed “til death, do you part, but you now find yourself Single…Again and wondering if you will ever trust or love again.  This presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of your event as a small group discussion, seminar or keynote address as it gives practical steps to handle those transitional moments from Single Again, to Dating Again, to Happily Ever After…Again.

Emotional Empowerment

Beautiful Scars

There’s a saying that “Time Heals All Wounds,” but I believe it’s what you do with time that determines if our wounds really heal.  Many times we sit idle, waiting for time to pass, but we do very little emotional work to heal.  Instead of the scar telling a powerful story of how you were able to overcome a great obstacle, it often is a trigger that takes you back to a place of hurt, anger, isolation and many other negative emotions.  This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs for seminars, small groups or keynote address, as it provides the necessary tools to handle the emotions behind catastrophic events in our lives so that our scars no longer serve as a hideous reminder of negative experience, but a beautiful reminder of our strength to overcome them.

What’s REALLY Bugging You?

We all have things in life that annoy us.  Unchecked annoyances, leads to aggravation, with leads to frustration and ultimately anger.  This presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of your event for seminars, small groups or keynote address.  It teaches the individual how to Respond versus React, and Attack the Problem,  Not the Person.  These are practical solutions that will help you peel back the layers, and determine what is really bugging you.  You will then be able to effectively advance in your career, resolve family conflict, develop solid relationships and many other areas that require strong Interpersonal Skills.

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