Women’s Ministry Topics

Interrupted By God

This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs.  We will examine how God intervenes and steps into our

day to day lives and presents us with opportunities to enhance our quality of living and relationship with Him.


Plugged Into The Power of Prayer

This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs.  Could your prayer life use a little rejuvenation?

Maybe you aren’t so sure how or even what to pray.  This lesson will give us some biblical examples of the power

of prayer and how we can utilize those same principals to activate our power in God through prayer.


Perfect Love

What’s love got to do with it?  Everything!  Many have wrote poems about love, there are countless love songs about it,

and we even say it often to our significant others, family and friends.  However, we still fall short of what true and perfect

love really looks and feels like.  This presentation can be tailored to meet your event needs as we seek to define perfect love

according to God, who is love, and how we can apply His example to our daily lives as we connect and serve one another.


All I Have To Give

The truth is, even if we gave God our everything, it would pale in comparison to all that He

has given us.  The good thing is, all He ever wanted was our heart!  Yes, that old broken, bruised

and battered heart, worn by the cares of the world.  He wants it all!  This lesson will teach us how

giving all of our heart, even as unworthy as we feel, to God will yield a greater return than we could have

ever anticipated.   This lesson can  be tailored to meet your event needs.


Other Topics


Ridding Ourselves of Excess Baggage

Bridging The Gap – Titus 2

P.E.R.K. UP – Perspective. Empowerment. Rejuvenation. Knowledge. UP

The Power of Repetition

Nothing Left To Lose, Everything Left To Gain

Y.E.S. – Yield. Embrace. Succeed

Marrying My Best Friend

Leading Like a Lady

Learning to Trust Again

Building Self Esteem




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