Meet RaeShawn


RaeShawn Cannon, is a Speaker, Life Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Licensed Minister, Mentor and Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post.  Her topics of passion are Spiritual Growth and Development, Personal Transformation,  Emotional Empowerment, Accountability, Divorce Recovery/Transition and Women’s Ministry.  

It is her balanced blend of story-telling, rich content and humor that enables her listening and reading audiences to understand and implement the lessons learned in her messages.  Her goal is to deliver every message with clarity and simplicity to help individuals seek, find, develop and grow in their purpose. Her willingness to be transparent, and address issues that many are facing or will face at some point in their lives has helped her audience break through barriers and overcome obstacles to discover their best life.  

RaeShawn is a best-selling co-author of the book 20 Beautiful Women: Volume 4 20 More Stories That Will heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion and Inspire Your Diving Purpose.  She has also published her first of a 5 part series of journal booklets titled Inspired Thought: Purpose.  This journal is designed to take you through several interactive journal exercises inspired by the authors’ inspirational quotes, #CannonQuotes.

As the visionary and creator of  the “Undressed Women’s Conference,” RaeShawn is dedicated to the cause of guiding women in spiritual and practical matters, to create a culture of unity, exposing areas of hurt and weakness in order to heal and strengthen one another.  This passion also extends to her work as the Women’s Ministry Director at her local church. She believes that the place where our spirituality, relationships and our professions collide is the center of our existence and purpose. 

RaeShawn calls the great state of Texas home, where she resides with her husband James.  They believe that a couple who plays together stays together, so it’s common to see them out enjoying a competitive game of pool, karaoke, playing co-ed softball or just enjoying one another’s company during garage convo’s.  



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